Every dept in LA

In this page, you can find the organization chart for LA, as well as links to each of them, where a more specific organization chart for those departments can be found.

CategorySpecific Departments, Offices, Boards, Bureaus, and Commissions
Elected OfficialsCity Council (15 members) is the governing body
Mayor is the Chief Executive
City Attorney
Charter Officers and Charter Departments Headed by CommissionsChief Legislative Analyst
City Administrative Officer
City Clerk
Office of Public Accountability
Fire (commission)
Police (commission)
Ethics Commission (commission)
Charter Depts with citizen commissionsPersonnel
City Planning
Neighborhood Empowerment Neighborhood Councils
Ordinance DeptsEconomic and Workforce Development
Information Tech Agency
Employee Relations Board
General Services
Housing and Community Investment
Emergency Management
Ordinance Depts with citizen commissionsBuilding and Safety
El Pueblo
Cultural Affairs
Convention and Tourism Development
Animal Services
Cannabis Regulation
Independent Charter Depts headed by citizen commissionsLos Angeles World Airports Harbor
Department of Water & Power
Recreation & Parks
City Employees’ Retirement System
Fire & Police Pension System
State Law depts headed by city commissionsHousing Authority
Charter Department with full time commissionsBoard of Public Works (5 Bureaus): Bureau of:
Contract Administration
Street Lighting
Street Services